UNLOCK ZTE 3G MODEM MF100, MF180 AND MF190 FREE – ZTE the leading company in 3G modems in the world. If you have recently purchased ZTE 3G MODEM MF100, MF180 or MF190 then you were feeling that you can not use any another network provider sim in these modems, because it remains locked to its parent network. But, it can be unlocked with DC Unlocker cracked version for free.

Step by step guide how to unlock ZTE 3G MODEM MF100, MF180 & MF190 for free :
1. Download DC Unlocker from the link which is provided below at the end of the article.
2. Extract it in a folder on your desktop of PC.
3. Plug your ZTE MF100 / MF180 / MF 190 modem with an unaccepted SIM.
4. Now close the default software of ZTE 3G MODEM MF100, MF180 or MF190 modem dongle. 
5. Run dccrap.exe then this window will be appear.
6. In Select manufacturer, choose ZTE datacards and choose model as _Auto detect, and leave another tab as default.
7. Press on the Loop (detect card / search icon) to detect your ZTE 3G MODEM MF100, MF180 or MF190 data card.
8. Here, you will see SIM Lock status as locked.
9. Click on Unlocking then Press Unlock. (Your modem is now unlocked)
10. Create new profile as per your network provider (Using APN).
11. Now enjoy your unlocked ZTE 3G MODEM MF100, MF180 AND MF190 modem dongle all over the world with any another network provider sim.
Download DC Unlocker Cracked Version

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20 thoughts on “UNLOCK ZTE 3G MODEM MF100, MF180 AND MF190 FREE

  1. I have MF180 ZTE BSNL 3G Modem. That’s working but my virtual cd drive is not display in computer.So i am not using this modem in another computer.Means that software is not run automatically in another PC.So please tell me this solution. And advance thank’s brother.

  2. sir
    i installed dc unlocker.
    downloaded file is in .exe format and in programme files also,where it installed, two files are there in .exe format. one is unlocker and one is for uninstallation. now how to extract .exe and .dll file to a folder

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