Unlock or Flash Huawei E367 and E353 Modem Free with E367 E353 Flasher-Unlocker by fr3nsis

Unlock or Flash Huawei E367 and E353 Modem Free with E367 E353 Flasher-Unlocker by fr3nsis – Fr3nsis is not a big name like DC Unlocker and Bojs team, but still Fr3nsis is doing well. Recently Fr3nsis team has launched a tool name E367 E353 Flasher-Unlocker which can unlock Huawei E367u-1, E367u-2, E367u-6, E367u-8_RFMF, E367u-8_AVAGO, E353u-1, E353u-2 and E353u-6 modems. E367 E353 Flasher-Unlocker can not only unlock your modem but also it can flash, re-lock also. It is capable to backup NVItems and through this tool you can restore NVItems also. 
It is so simple to use also. Insert your modem into computer / laptop and after getting launched the dashboard close the dashboard and run this tool (you can download this tool from the link which is provided at the end of the article). Just launch the download tool and it will find your COM port on which modem is attached. If your modem could not be found by any reason just click on Find Com Port and it will detect your modem. After that go to Operation and click on Unlock. Here, you will get two option E367 and E353. Select appropriate model as you want to unlock and after a few seconds your modem will be unlocked.
I have personally not used this tool. But, it should be good one I hope.

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34 thoughts on “Unlock or Flash Huawei E367 and E353 Modem Free with E367 E353 Flasher-Unlocker by fr3nsis

  1. hi i have huawei E303Ds-1 ,,,is their any unlock solutions ?
    plz reply me as soon as possible

    dc unlocker 2 client 1.00.0949 cracked is supporting do you have a cracked version of it ?

  2. i have tata docomo zte-190 3g photon data card. How can i unlock this for use another network gsm sim like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea etc.. plsssssssssssss help. my email id is asasiwal@gmail.com give me the solution my email ID.

    • Use DC Unlocker cracked version to unlock zte mf190 dongle. To get it use search button of right sidebar.

  3. Hello Kamlesh, I’ve E367u-2 dongle of Idea 3G 21 mbps speed capacity. Few days back I gave it someone to unlock but the person told me that it’s not possible since someone else has already tried it for 10 times on this dongle and that’s the maximum attempt it can support. If now you try to unlock it it will become dead. Please suggest me if I should try to unlock it using your E367-E353 unlocker. Thanks!

  4. Device
    Device name: E367
    Application port: COM6
    Serial number:
    Hardware Version: CP1E367UM
    Firmware Version: 11.810.09.20.00
    Software Version:

    I unlocked it.But can’t connect
    no imei and no serial number

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