Download Hi Link Web UI Huawei Mobile Partner Free

Today, I am sharing download link of Huawei Hi Link Web UI Mobile Partner For All Hi Link Modems. Recently I have written article about Hi Link E353 T-Mobile Macedonia Modem Dongle Unlocking solution. Huawei Hi-link modems are different from normal modems. You can not use normal mobile partner software which you were earlier using in another model of Huawei. Same for HiLink also, you can not use Huawei Hi Link Web Ui in normal modems of Huawei company. You may also know that some models / all models of Huawei Hi-Link can be unlocked with the help of unlock code only. After unlocking you need to create a profile in your Hi Link Web UI, so that you can use another network provider sim  on unlocked Hi Link Modems. Some network provider disable the features to create profile setting of another network provider, so that after unlocking your Hi-Link Huawei modems also you can not use another network provider sim on it. So, here you need  Hi Link Web UI. Today, I am sharing with you Huawei Hi Link Web UI v You can download Huawei Hi Link Web UI v from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

How to use Hi Link latest Web UI V11. (Mobile Partner of Huawei Hi link Modem) :

  1. Just go to the end of the article and download Hi Link Web UI (Huawei Mobile Partner).
  2. Now extract in a folder.
  3. Now disconnect from the internet close the default software of your HiLink modem.
  4. Now run the extracted file.
  5. It will ask you password, just provide the below mentioned password and wait till finish.

EXE File Password : NiRaV ( Case Sensitive )


Download Huawei Hi Link Web UI v

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22 thoughts on “Download Hi Link Web UI Huawei Mobile Partner Free

    • I’m using a HiLink Dongle, it’s the E3231 from Three UK. The dongle now just flashes green light and it cannot connect or create a connection like it did before, basically, the firmware got messed, I tried several attempts with disabled AV and changed PC, it ends with the same error 19. How can I solve this plz?

      Thank you.

  1. Yes, but why is corrupted?That’s what I would like to know. Maybe if I go to the store they can restore factory defaults?

    • Firmware is internal part of modem. It guides the hardware how to work. You may have earlier run incompatible firmware in your modem and it crashed your hardware. Get it repaired from service center then it will work.

  2. Hallo,

    ich habe diese Software angeklickt, es öffnet sich der Update Wizard wo ich dann auf Start klicke, danach öffnet sich mein Browser mit der Adresse und dann öffnet sich ein kleines Fenster mit dem Hinweis,Fehlercode 10 Port nicht gefunden

    Google Translate

    I clicked this software, it will open the Update Wizard where I then click on Start, then my browser opens with the address and then opens a small window with the message , error code 10 port not found

  3. Hallo Kamlesh Kumar

    Das funktioniert nicht, und welche Software soll ich schließen? Bei dem Versuch habe ich kein Internet und auch auch kein Mobile Partner Software laufen. Warum funktioniert das nicht bei mir?

    This does not work and what software should I include? In the experiment I’m running no Internet and no Mobile Partner software. Why does this not work with me?

    • It is hilink Huawei mobile partner dashboard and will work with only hilink Huawei modem, it is exctracted from E303 Huawei hilink modem. Mention your modem details , so i can help you.

  4. Huawei HiLink E353s -2 usb modem corrupt when I updated 303hiLink Web Ui firmware. Plz beware and don’t update WEB UI interface Any HILINK modem .bcz I have loss my Huawei HiLink E353s-2 usb modem.

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